University President Receives a Delegation of MPs and Senators of Gharbia Governorate

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, received today a delegation of MPs and senators including MP\ Mohammed Kamal Maraei and MP\ Mohammed Oreiby in attendance of Prof. Mamdouh Al-Masry, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Political Advisor of the University.

   University President declared that many issues were discussed during the meeting such as Tanta University’s plan of entrepreneurship and small-scale enterprises coping with Egypt’s sustainable development vision 2030.

   Members of parliament commended the pioneering role played by Tanta University in this field supporting students in entrepreneurship, increasing their skills, and enhancing innovation. They highlighted their support to the university and its administration in all social services.

    Prof. Mamdouh Al-Masry declared that, during the meeting, they completed the discussion of small-enterprise committee in the cabinet under chairmanship of MP\ Mohammed Kamal Maraei in attendance of Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President. They tackled the way to implement the recommendation of the committee regarding entrepreneurship, innovation and IT centers, and establishment of centers for enterprise development.