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Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, University President, ďTanta University is on the List of the Top 80 Universities in QS Arab Region University Rankings in 2022Ē

    Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, asserted that Tanta University was ranked (71-80) in QS Arab Region University Rankings. He pointed out that the number of the Arab universities listed in QS ranking was up to 184 universities this year compared to 160 ones last year.   

     He added that the University was listed as one of the top 40% Arab universities in this ranking, thus, keeping its rank for the third year in a row. The university advanced to the 9th rank locally competing with 31 Egyptian universities. 

     Moreover, he indicated that the university gained the 14th rank at the Arab level in the indicator of international research network. It achieved the 25th rank in the indicator of citations. In the indicators of academic reputation and web impact, the university was ranked 51st at the Arab level.  

     Furthermore, University President declared that the British QS ranking is one of the top three rankings worldwide. It depends on many indicators such as academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, international research network, and web impact. 

    This year, Tanta University was listed for the first time in QS World University Rankings, which includes the best universities worldwide, where it was ranked the 1201st internationally and the 5th locally.  


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