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During the 1st Virtual Conference of Tanta University, Senior Scientists around the World Discuss the Latest Scientific Papers on Coronavirus


Exploring the impact of the virus on the medical system, methods of treatment, symptoms, prevention, and challenges of vaccines

   Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, has affirmed that a great number of senior scientists from all around the world took part in the 1st virtual conference organized by Tanta University under the title "Scientific Research Confronting COVID-19 & Future of the World after this Pandemic" on current May 17th and 18th to consider the impact of coronavirus on the medical system, methods of treatment, symptoms, prevention, and the challenge of vaccines. Moreover, the conference explores the economic, social and psychological impacts of the crisis as well as the way to confront it, the role of social proof and various organizations in overcoming the crisis and the future of the world after COVID-19.  

   Prof. Kamal 'Okasha, Tanta University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Vice Chairman of the Conference, has declared that the virtual conference of the University is the first of its kind in Egypt as it aims to exchange experience and scientific research in areas of diagnosis, therapy and applied papers confronting the virus that broke out across the world.

  University Vice President has pointed out that the program of the virtual conference on the first day includes tackling the impact of coronavirus on the future of the medical system with participation of Prof. Ahmed Shokr from University of Saskatchewan in Canada. He gives a lecture on "Health Care Systems of Coronavirus". Moreover, Prof. Mohammed 'Awad Tag Al-Din, Presidential Advisor for Preventive Health Affairs, participates in the conference with a lecture entitled "COVID-19, the New Challenge". Next, a lecture on "Impact of Coronavirus on Radiology Doctors" is delivered by Prof. Tarek Al-Deyasti, Head of Egyptian and African Radiology Societies. Then, Prof. Michael Wickens participates with a lecture on "3D Printing of Personal Preventive Instruments". After that, a lecture is given by Prof. Gavira Naira entitled "COVID-19, the Lessons We Learned".

  Furthermore, Prof. Ayman Abdel Zaher gives a lecture under the title "Respiratory Symptoms of COVID-19". Prof. Ahmed Shawky delivers a lecture on "False Concepts of COVID-19". Prof. Mohsen Al-Qusy who has PhD from University of Sheffield gives a lecture on "Treatment of COVID-19". Then, a lecture about "Renal Transplant and COVID-19" is delivered by Prof. Ahmed Halawa, Professor of Nephrology at the University of Liverpool. Then, Prof. Youssef Haggag gives a lecture entitled "COVID-19 and Ways to Fight it" and Prof. Lima Al-Metwally delivers a lecture entitled "COVID-19 and Challenges of Vaccines". Finally, a lecture under the title "Possible Pharmacological Treatments of COVID-19" is given by Prof. Ahmed Goda.






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