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Celebrities from the University
Figures from Tanta University

Dr. Eman Ghoneim, Egyptian Geologist

  • She graduated from Tanta Faculty of Science. She gained the PhD degree in 2002 from College of Geography at University of Southampton, UK.
  • She is an Egyptian geologist specialized in geomorphology. She works in the field of applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, using hydrological modeling in flood risk, and groundwater exploration in arid environments.
  • She joined Boston University Center for Remote Sensing at the beginning of 2003.

Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, Doctor, Author and Novelist

  • He joined Tanta Faculty of Medicine and gained the PhD degree in Tropical Medicine in 1997.
  • Author and writer of novels such as “Beyond Nature" and "Safari”.
  • He was the first Arab writer in the field of thrill literature. He was the most famous author in the field of youth literature, fantasy and science fiction, and was called the godfather.

Dr. Nabil Farouk, Doctor and Author

  • He joined Tanta Faculty of Medicine and gained the Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1980.
  • He was an Egyptian writer famous for police literature and science fiction. The most well-known of his writings were “Future File”, “Impossibility Man” and “Cocktail 2000”.

Dr. Maged Al-Kamari, President of Kafr El-Sheikh University

  • He graduated from Tanta Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry and Physics in 1981. He gained the PhD degree.
  • He was appointed as a demonstrator at Faculty of Education, Tanta University, at Kafr El-Sheikh branch. He occupied higher positions till he gained the degree of Professor at the Faculty in 2004. He became dean of the Faculty in 2010. Finally, he became President of Kafr El-Sheikh University.

Archbishop\ Paula, Archbishop of Tanta and its Districts

  • He graduated from Tanta Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, with estimation of very good in 1974.
  • He became Bishop of Tanta for Coptic Orthodox and Head of Australian branch of the Clerical Council and responsible official of political matters in the church.
  • Lately he was promoted as Archbishop of the diocese of Tanta and its districts.

Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, Head of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

  • He graduated from Tanta Faculty of Science, Department of Botany and gained the PhD degree.
  • He occupied higher international positions till he assumed he chairmanship of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) ,He won many scientific awards.

Ghada Abdel Aal, Novelist and Author

  • She graduated from Tanta Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist. She launched her blog and wrote: “I represent 15 million girls at the age of 25 to 35, who are urged by community every day to get married while it is not up to them that they are still single."
  • She began her blog, “I want to marry” in August 2006. She published her first book and was translated to many languages. She has a regularly published article in Al-Shorouk newspaper since February 2009. She wrote for a lot of newspapers, journals, and electronic sites. .

Mohammed Farouk Abo Farha, Journalist

  • He graduated from Faculty of Science at Tanta University.
  • He has many literary and press articles. Examples of his writings are “Freely Live, O Palestinians”, “Muhammad Anwar El-Sadat”, “When the Veiled Woman’s Face is Uncovered in Europe” and “When Muslims and Christians become More Religious”.

Amro Sobhi, Pharmacist, Author and Egyptian Information Activist

  • He graduated from Tanta Faculty of Pharmacy. He gained the Master’s degree in Public Policies and Administration from University of London.
  • He is an author, poet and Egyptian information activist who won World Youth Summit Award and Egyptian Award of Children’s Literature for his participation in forming Morsi Meter, a digital platform for documenting and monitoring the previous Egyptian president’s performance, which was famous and gained international interest.

Wafaa Al-Talawi, Author and Muslim Preacher

  • She graduated from Faculty of Arts and Education at Tanta University from Department of Arabic Language and Religion.
  • 23 years later she became famous and very brilliant writer. A lot of paper and electronic newspapers published her religious, political and social articles.

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