Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, “Enhancement of Distance Education at Tanta University … Using Artificial Intelligence Apps”

A huge increase in the number of lectures … presenting 13254 online lectures in one year

   Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, affirmed that the university is keen on enhancement of distance education at faculties of the university, assessment of e-learning outcomes, and finding innovative solutions that can be useful during challenges such as COVID-19 pandemic. He declared that there was a huge increase in the number of online lectures as 13254 ones were presented online during the current year.

    Moreover, Prof. Mohamed Hussein, University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, commended achievement of quality education goals according to the university’s strategic plan.

    Furthermore, Dr. Mustafa Elwan, Manager of Distance Education at the University, pointed out that the unit adopts a new system and that it is more than just a reaction for a crisis; the unit uses digital technology and artificial intelligence apps to support the educational process through live broadcasting of the lectures. In addition, the unit follows up activities of the university as well as preparing reports and statistics on the delivered lectures in the light of the ratified timetables.