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In Enhancement of Administrative Reform Plan, Disseminating Awareness among Tanta University Personnel about Challenges Faced by the State


Prof. Al-Refa'i Mubarak, Tanta University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, gave today a lecture to Tanta University personnel to disseminate awareness about the challenges faced by the state and their repercussions on Egyptian national security at Faculty and Leadership Development Center (FLDC) at Development Center at the University.

    This symposium is organized in the context of the directions given by University President, Prof. Magdi Sab', as for holding informative symposiums to inform University personnel with the challenges confronted by the state and their consequences related to national security.

    During the lecture, Prof. Al-Refa'i Mubarak pointed out economic, social and political challenges faced by the state. He indicated that Tanta University focuses currently on training and considerable development of personnel’s skills to qualify them in a way that can contribute greatly to the administrative reform plan of the state  

    For his part, Prof. Ibrahim Al-Atrosh, Manager of Computing Center at the University, made a presentation about economic achievements of the state from 2014 to 2018.



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