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Tanta University President, ďLaunching an Online Payment Platform at Tanta UniversityĒ

   Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, announced launching an online payment platform that changes all fiscal transactions to electronic ones. The new platform is created by the university in cooperation with a secure electronic payment portal via E-Finance Company coping with digital transformation in the state and to help students and academic staff make their payments easily.   

    In addition, Prof. Mohamed Hussein, Acting Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, indicated that the new platform enables all university students and personnel to pay online instead of paying in cash or coming in person to the university.  

   Moreover, Prof. Mohamed Al-Nemr, Executive Manager of the Main Center for Electronic and Cognitive Services, added that the new platform makes e-payment available for all university services safely and securely to limit cash transactions.  

   Furthermore, Prof. Reda Basyouni, MIS Manager, asserted that the new system is functioning 24 hours a day. It can be used to pay tuition fees and to pay for services and issuing documents. He pointed out that all services will be soon paid for electronically.     


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