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Director of Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center at University of California, “Tanta Faculty of Engineering Matches its Counterparts with its Advanced Labs and Human Capabilities”

Faculty of Engineering at Tanta University received Prof. Khaled Mosalam, Professor of Structural Engineering and Director of Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center at University of California, USA.

   About the way of benefiting from applied research in the field of earthquake engineering to keep constructions in new cities and the Administrative Capital, Prof. Mosalam declared that most scientific research at the meantime in the area of earthquake engineering or structural engineering focused on how to make constructions, whether buildings or bridges, smart ones; i.e. how to predict behavior of a construction and to make the suitable decision consequently to protect it from dangers of earthquakes according to the designing rules with which they had been established through a number of devices and computer programs that analyzed those data.

     Prof. Mosalam added that Earthquake Engineering Research Center at University of California was keen on international cooperation with different countries, particularly with Egypt, as part of the strategic plans of the Center. He expressed his hope that cooperation with Tanta University will be useful for professors and students. He commended the labs at Tanta Faculty of Engineering that match their counterparts at world universities and hailed also the human capabilities.

  Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Dean of Faculty of Engineering at Tanta University, stated that that visit had a great effect on postgraduate and undergraduate students through knowing about the most recent theories and modern trends in structural engineering research. He pointed out that the Faculty would seek mutual cooperation with prestigious American universities in the near future, specifically in the areas of joint supervision and dispatch of students. He added that more interest would be given to research of engineering applications as well as qualifying scientific cadres to deal with engineering codes of earthquakes and technologies of artificial intelligence. 


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