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“Woman is the Future”, the 16th Slogan of the Campaign of Combating Violence against Woman at Tanta University


     The Unit of Combating Violence against Woman organized today an informative symposium at Faculty of Specific Education on combating violence against women in attendance of MG. Khaled Edris, former Manager of Department of Human Rights and Combating Violence against Woman; Prof. Rania Al-Kilany, Manager of the Unit; and Prof. Shimaa Agha, Member of the National Council for Women in Gharbia, under auspices of Prof. Magdi Sab', University President; Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development; and Prof. Safaa Mara'i, Rapporteur of the National Council for Women in Gharbia. 

    Prof. Hamdy Sha'ban, Acting Dean, highlighted the interest given by the political leadership to woman’s issues, enabling her, keeping her rights and protecting her from violence and discrimination as a main partner in society and one of the pivots of sustainable development and achieving the state’s vision 2030.

     MG. Khaled Edris pointed out that law seriously confronts all violence attempts against women. He commended the role played by Egyptian police in facing the phenomenon of harassment. For her part, Prof. Rania Al-Kilany asserted that woman is the foundation of community and a main partner in its progress and advancement. She indicated that there is a series of symposiums that will be finished on current December 10th and there will be a closing ceremony to present the achievements of the 16-day campaign of combating violence against woman adopted by the Unit under the slogan “Woman is the Future”. She called upon University students to participate in activities of the Unit of Combating Violence against Woman at the University.

    Prof. Shimaa Agha declared that the National Council for Women in Gharbia offers support to the Unit of Combating Violence against Woman at Tanta University so that it can play its role in women’s issues particularly breadwinners and the uneducated to try to help them know about their rights and duties.

     Prof. Naglaa Al-Halaby, Faculty Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs; heads of scientific departments, academic staff, assistant staff and a huge group of students took part in the symposium.           



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