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Challenge Heroes at Tanta University Gain 16 Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals under the Slogan “Disability is a Blessing not a Burden”

   Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, has announced that University students with special needs gained 16 medals (5 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze) in Egyptian Universities Tournament for Students with Special Needs. 

   Tanta University President affirmed that the University supports its students in implementation of the directions given by President\ Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi as for giving due interest to PSN in the framework of the national project of fitness.

   Prof. Al-Refa'i Mubarak, University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, has pointed out that the University gives great interest to student activities in all fields. He indicated that participation of PSN in student activities is an important part of University plan to give them an opportunity to express themselves, to be integrated with their colleagues, and to prove their positive existence in community.

     Noha Ahmed Abdel Sadek and Mohammed Helmy Abo Al-'Azm from Faculty of Arts gained gold medals in shot put, Manar Abdel Salam Al-Shal from Faculty of Arts gained a gold medal in shot put and a silver one in running, Sabah Mohammed Abdel Razek from Faculty of Commerce got gold medals in shot put and javelin throw, Tal'at Khattab Omar from Faculty of Arts had a silver medal in weight lifting, Sherin Mohammed Abdel Salam from Faculty of Commerce gained a bronze medal in shot put and a silver one in javelin throw, Mai Hamdy Al-Sheikh form Faculty of Dentistry had a medal in weight lifting, Sobhy Mohammed Al-Sayed from Faculty of Commerce gained a bronze medal in table tennis, Ibrahim Abdel Hamid Al-Shahawy from Faculty of Arts got a bronze medal in 100-m running, Mahmoud Mohammed Abdel Sami' from Faculty of Agricultue gained a bronze medal in discus throw, Salem Reda Mohammed Ghoneima from Faculty of Commerce had bronze medals in shot put and in 100-m running and Rabi' Raafat Ali from Faculty of Arts gained a bronze medal in shot put.

    The tournament was held with participation of 21 Egyptian governmental universities under patronage of Minister of Youth and Sports, Prof. Ashraf Sobhy, in youth hostel in Alexandria from November 27th to December 1st.          



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