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For the First Time, Tanta University is one of the Best 200 Universities in Emerging Economies according to Times Ranking


Times World University Rankings has announced that Tanta University joined the ranking of emerging economies for the first time. The University attained rank No. 198; thus, it is one of the best 200 universities in ranking of 2019.

   Tanta University joined Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking for the first time last year, 2018. It achieved the rank (801-1000) internationally. It gained different ranks in Times Ranking of subjects.

   It was one of the highest 500 universities (401-500) in “Engineering and Technology”. In the subject of “Life Sciences”, it gained the rank (501-600). In “Physics”, it achieved the rank (601-800). In “Clinical and Pre-Clinical Health”, it attained the rank 601+.      


     For his part, Prof. Magdi Sab',  Tanta University President, confirmed that the university is taking steady steps and specific standards to upgrade the international ranking according to the strategic plan set by the Supreme Committee of Ranking at the university in implementation of the directions given by President\ Abdel Fattah El Sisi to upgrade the websites of Egyptian universities. He pointed out that University Administration did not spare any effort to take all procedures that enabled the University to compete with local and international counterpart universities; those efforts had begun to be fruitful as the University had started to join new subjects Times Ranking.

      Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, added that upgrading University world ranking depended mainly on consolidation of efforts  exerted by all academic staff and employees of the university to implement the plan set by the university to achieve further progress in all world rankings. He stated that the Supreme Committee of Ranking at universities organized several awareness campaigns at various faculties of the University to raise awareness among all University staff about the importance of world rankings, their standards and procedures which must be adhered to in order to ensure upgrading the university ranking.  

      In the same context, Prof. Mustafa Al-Shaikh, University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, pointed out that the major effort exerted to upgrade ranking depended mainly on academic staff through publishing scientific papers in international journals, and that the University had recently taken many decisions that encouraged academic staff on conducting scientific research and facilitated international publishing of the papers.

   Prof. Al-Refa'i Mubarak, Tanta University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, assured that the fact that Tanta University gained advanced ranks in world ranking reflected the serious work inside the University and the strenuous efforts exerted for development of the educational process and offering excellent services for academic staff and students at the University.

   Moreover, Dr. Dina Abdel Hady, Manager of the Electronic Portal and Member of the Supreme Committee of Ranking at the University, indicated that the first step taken by the University to gain higher ranking had been development of University electronic site to cope with international developments and to offer more interactive services; that fact appeared in the new site of the University and its faculties which had been developed by team of the Electronic Portal Project. She added that the Committee worked continuously to accomplish the tasks that could increase University rank in all world rankings.       



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