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In his Inspection Tour at Faculties on the First Day of the Academic Year, Tanta University President, “Smart ID Cards for Students, Digitalizing all Services, and Online Payment of Tuition Fees”

Electronic curricula are available on platforms of the university and technological infrastructure is developed.   

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, made an inspection tour at campus on the first day of the academic year. He made sure that study is regular at faculties of the university and congratulated current and new students wishing them success and superiority.  

   Furthermore, University President declared that digital ID cards have been prepared for all students, academic staff, and employees. Smart cards have been also prepared for cars. He pointed out that each card has a chip with all needed information and a barcode. In addition, he stated that curricula are available on platforms of the university as well as online payment of tuition fees.  

    He added that the university has developed the technological infrastructure and increased the internet capacity at the university as 47 new servers have been added. Thus, the capacity of the data center has been increased by 400%. Moreover, all university campuses have been connected with fiber cables under the umbrella of the cooperation protocol between Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Speed of the internet has been increased from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps.    

    Prof. Mahmoud Zaki stated that preparations for the new academic year have been completed such as maintenance processes at the faculties and at University Hostels. Labs, auditoriums, lecture halls, and libraries have been equipped. University campus has been disinfected to curb COVID-19. 


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