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Tanta University is One of the Top 300 Universities in the World as for Fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals


Times Higher Education World University Ranking announced today that Tanta University gained the rank (201-300) in the new ranking of universities that was issued this year concerning achievement of sustainable development goals by world universities according to UN standards.

   Moreover, the University attained advanced ranks in a number of ranking criteria. It gained rank No. 84 internationally in the criteria of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. In addition, the University was among the best 200-101 universities worldwide in achievement of UN goals in fields related to “Good Health”, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, “Industry and Innovation” and “Climate Action” as well as implementing policies of “Equality” and “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

   Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, declared that the fact that University had appeared among the top 201-300 universities worldwide in a ranking issued for the first time was a great achievement after directions were given to different departments of the University to cooperate for providing all data required for the ranking. He affirmed that Tanta University owned the constituents qualifying for competition in various rankings. The Committee of World Rankings at the University coordinated among different departments to show the scientific, research and social service role played by the University which enabled it to advance in different world rankings. He indicated that joining world rankings and gaining advanced positions in them was one of the strategic goals of the University.  

  He thanked the Supreme Committee of World Rankings headed by Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and Chairman of the Supreme Committee of World Rankings at the University, for the tangible efforts exerted by the Committee that were fruitful in the recent time.  

   You can see the result of the ranking through the following link:




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