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In the First Week of the New Academic Year, a Dialogue between Tanta University President and Students of Faculties of Arts and Law

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, “Supporting SU activities at faculties and vaccinating all university students against COVID-19 are high priorities.”   

    Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, met new and current students on Tuesday at faculties of Arts and Law at Sibirbay Campus where he was accompanied by Prof. Mamdouh Al-Masry, Dean of Faculty of Arts; Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim, Dean of Faculty of Law; vice deans of the faculty, and some academic staff and assistant staff members.  

    University President welcomed current and new students. He congratulated them on the beginning of the new academic year wishing them success. He had a dialogue with them, listened to their viewpoints and demands, answered their questions, and asserted that he receives them in his office at any time. He stated that the educational process is being developed and students are provided with all means of welfare. He highlighted the fact that vaccinating all students against COVID-19 is a high priority to keep them safe.     

    Moreover, Prof. Mahmoud Zaki confirmed that the university is keen on offering new programs in the latest sciences to qualify alumni for competition in local and international labor market. In addition, he declared that a plan was drawn up to support Student Unions at faculties and student activities in all cultural, artistic, and sports fields as they help to form students’ personalities, increase self-trust, and enhance loyalty and belonging.  

    Furthermore, University President commended the precautions taken such as using infra-red thermometers to measure students’ temperature, wearing facemasks, and social distancing to keep students safe.  

     In addition, Prof. Mamdouh Al-Masry, Faculty Dean, welcomed University President. He pointed out that Prof. Mahmoud Zaki did not spare his scientific experience to develop the infrastructure of Faculty of Arts including equipment of 10 auditoriums with the latest technology. Dean of Faculty of Arts added that University President enhances all student activities whether cultural, artistic, social or scientific through Faculty Student Union.   

    Prof. Walid Al-Ashry, Spokesman of Tanta University, stated that those meetings are held in the light of Tanta University’s vision and in implementation of the instructions given by Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, University President, as for urging students to attend lectures, to take part in student activities, and to get COVID-19 vaccination to be healthy and safe.    


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