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During his Participation in Laying the Cornerstone of 900 900 Hospital, Gharbia Governor Prof. Tarek Rahmy, ďThe New University Hospital is a Huge Edifice that Offers Medical Care Services to all Delta CitizensĒ

   Prof. Tarek Rahmy affirmed that the new university educational hospital in El-Mahalla El-Kober was a culmination of the continuous efforts exerted by Tanta University to provide citizens with health care services through an integrated system moving towards the new republic that ensured quality health care to all categories of society.  

   Moreover, he highlighted that the huge edifice would present medical service not only to citizens of the governorate but also to all Delta citizens. He commended the efforts of the Egyptian government regarding health that would help citizens to take part in the development process.   

    These words were mentioned during his participation in the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the new university hospital 900 900 in El-Mahalla El-Kobra in attendance of MG. Gamal Nor Al-Din, Kafr El-Sheikh Governor; Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President; the Grand Mufti of Egypt Prof. Shawki Allam, Prof. Ahmed Ata, Deputy Governor of Gharbia; Archbishop\ Paula, Archbishop of Tanta and its Districts; Prof. Ayman Ashor, Deputy Minister of Higher Education; many presidents of universities, a delegation of the Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth, Ambassador\ Mohammed Orabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Judge\ Ahmed Saad, Undersecretary of Parliament; MPs and senators of Gharbia, media figure\ Ahmed Shobeir, media figure\ Ahmed Al-Muslimani, Coach\ Shawky Gharib, and singer\ Mohammed Tharwat, as well as a group of popular and executive leaders of the governorate and many citizens of El-Mahalla El-Kobra.  


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