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Supporting Decent Life Initiative, Tanta University Organizes 8 Developmental Convoys in the Neediest Villages Coinciding with the Anniversary of October Victory and the National Day of Gharbia

The convoys started in Samannoud, examined 1145 citizens and gave them medicaments for free.  

    Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, affirmed that Tanta University is organizing 8 comprehensive developmental convoys serving the neediest villages in the governorate on the anniversary of October victory to enhance the presidential initiative Decent Life. He pointed out that the convoys started today in Kafr El-Rahibin village in Samannoud district located in Gharbia governorate. The convoy aimed to offer quality medical care services to patients with the help of an elite group of professors from Faculty of Medicine.  

    Prof. Emad Etman, Tanta University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, declared that the university is playing a pioneering role in community service and is taking part in implementation of the presidential initiative Decent Life through the convoys with efficient medical cadres in various specialties. He stated that 1145 patients in the village were examined and given medicaments for free with participation of 21 professors from Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, in specializations of neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, general surgery, ophthalmology, and cardiothoracic surgery. 

    The convoy was held with participation of Prof. Mohammed Al-Shebiny, Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development; Prof. Sahar Al-Haggar, Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy for Community Service and Environmental Development; and Mr. Maher Saad, General Manager of Community Service.  


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