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Tanta University Gains the 4th Rank Locally at Times Young Universities Ranking

 Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, announced that Tanta University achieved ranking (251-300) according to Times Young Universities Ranking in 2020. It was announced today for universities that have been established in less than 50 years. Tanta University gained the fourth rank locally among the participating Egyptian Universities.  

  Prof. Sab' added that the participation of Tanta University in different rankings reflects efforts exerted by the University in upgrading its efficiency, providing a distinguished educational environment, in addition to the organizational procedures adopted by the University in the field of scientific publication to encourage researchers to publish in international scientific journals. 


 Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, Vice University President for Community Service and Environmental Development and Chairman of Supreme Committee for World Ranking at Tanta University, declared that the University gained the fourth rank locally and the top rank on all Egyptian Universities in the criterion of education with total points of 27.4 after enrolling 14 Egyptian Universities at that ranking in 2020.   


 Further, he added that the Supreme Committee for World Ranking proceeds to fulfill its aim to compete in world rankings within the framework of the strategy set by the University to cope with the State's strategy and its vision of 2030 adopted by the Egyptian State with directives of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Republic.  

 Furthermore, he added that the Supreme Committee for World Ranking seeks to achieve the highest participation for universities in different world rankings and coordination with different administrations to support ranking of the University in such rankings.  

 For his part, Prof. Kamal Okasha, Vice University President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, confirmed the pivotal role of scientific research and citations in different rankings, adding that the University achieved a great leap in encouraging scientific research via supporting and encouraging researchers in distinguished international publication and allocating awards for publication in international journals of high impact. He also mentioned the efforts exerted to link scientific research to industry.       


 It's noted that Times Young Universities Ranking applies the same standards of World Universities Ranking via 5 major indicators in the following fields:  

Education: educational environment with a percentage of 30 % 

 Research: number of published papers and income of scientific research and reputation with a percentage of 30% 

 Citation: impact of the paper with a percentage of 30 % 

International relations: academic staff, students and research with a percentage of 7.5%  

Income of industry: (transferring knowledge via innovations and patents) with a percentage of 2.5 to reflect the image of tasks of young universities because it uses 13 performance indicators that are measured to be compared.   


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