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Tanta University is One of Top 500 Universities Worldwide in “Engineering and Technology” According to THE


    Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, has announced that Tanta University came as one of the top 500 universities in the world in “Engineering and Technology” according to THE subject ranking 2020. The University attained rank (401-500) and came second on the local level.

   Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and Chairman of the Supreme Committee of World Rankings, has added that the University kept its international ranking in Times ranking of “Engineering and Technology” for the second year in a row. Moreover, it remained its international ranking as one of the top 1000 universities worldwide. He has affirmed that the University seeks to achieve more advanced positions in world rankings through organizational and strategic procedures implemented with cooperation among all University sectors and departments.

   Furthermore, Prof. Mustafa Al-Sheikh, University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, has indicated that the University always supports scientific research and encourages researchers on international publishing with high impact in order to achieve more progress in international rankings.    



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