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A Great Celebration to Lay the Cornerstone of 900 900 University Hospital in El-Mahalla El-Kobra

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, announced that the cornerstone of the new 900 900 University Hospital in El-Mahalla El-Kobra will be laid on Sunday, current October 10th in attendance of Prof. Tarek Rahmy, Gharbia Governor; MG. Gamal Nor Al-Din, Kafr El-Sheikh Governor; the Grand Mufti Prof. Shawki Allam; Archbishop\ Paula, Archbishop of Tanta and its Districts; Prof. Ayman Ashor, Deputy Minister of Higher Education; Deputy Minister of Health, many presidents of universities, a delegation of the Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth, Ambassador\ Mohammed Orabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; MPs of Gharbia, media figure\ Ahmed Shobeir, Coach\ Shawky Gharib, and singer\ Mohammed Tharwat, as well as a group of popular and executive leaders and many citizens from El-Mahalla El-Kobra.   

    Moreover, Prof. Mahmoud Zaki affirmed that the celebration will include receiving guests at the location of 900 900 Hospital. At the beginning, the national anthem will be played. Next, an inaugural speech will be given by University President and the documentary My Vision will be shown. Then, guests will deliver speeches and a film about 900 900 team will be shown. After that, the cornerstone for 900 900 Educational Hospital will be laid. Finally, souvenirs will be given. 

    He added that establishment of the new hospital is a pride for all Delta citizens as it is a national project and a proof of Egyptians’ ability. He pointed out that the project aims to improve medical services and to reach the highest standards of health care for the good of patients.      


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