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The Coordination Committee of Partiesí Youth and Politicians Participates in Laying the Cornerstone of 900 900 Hospital

Senator\ Ahmed Kenawy, “900 900 Hospital is a new achievement of the prestigious Tanta University.” 

MP\ Mahmoud Torky, “900 900 University Hospital in El-Mahalla is one of the hugest medical edifices in Egypt that helps to improve the medical system.”   


    Senator\ Ahmed Kenawy, Senator and Member of Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth and Politicians, declared that he was pleased to attend that ceremony and that the committee appreciated the vital role played by the prestigious Tanta University as it had accomplished a new achievement namely establishment of an educational hospital in El-Mahalla El-Kobra to serve thousands of citizens from many cities.  

   Remarkably, laying the cornerstone of the hospital coincided with two significant events: the anniversary of the glorious October victory and the National Day of Gharbia governorate.  

   Moreover, Senator\ Ahmed Kenawy added that founding the new Tanta University educational 900 900 Hospital in El-Mahalla El-Kobra is a pride for all Delta citizens as it would be one of the hugest medical edifices in Delta. He pointed out that the project aimed to improve the medical services based on quality standards with the capacity of 600 beds.      

    In addition, MP\ Mahmoud Torky, Member of Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth, declared that he was pleased to attend the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of 900 900 Hospital that coincided with the initiative of Decent Life launched by President\ Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. He affirmed that establishment of the hospital reflected the social participation and keenness of Tanta University, under presidency of Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, and Ministry of Higher Education on carrying out the instructions given by the political leadership regarding development of homeland and enhancing Decent Life initiative.   

   Furthermore, MP\ Member of Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth, stated that he was happy to attend the inaugural ceremony of 900 900 Hospital established in implementation of the sustainable development vision 2030 launched by President\ Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and coinciding with foundation of the new republic to offer quality health care services to Gharbia citizens. It is worth noting that the hospital has been established with help of the civil society and donations from businessmen without any fund from the university’s budget.       



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