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President’s Welcoming Note

Dear students, academic staff and personnel of the University, I welcome you, success partners. I also welcome visitors of the electronic site of the University.

University is the first foundation for community progress and for preparing a good citizen who is able to achieve advancement of homeland. It is no more an institution for teaching and learning only.

Based on Egypt’s vision 2030 and the interest given to development of homeland by promising youth and their innovative thought, Tanta University developed its vision and mission that cope with its history as the fifth Egyptian University established in 1972.

The University receives about one hundred thousand students annually in various specializations at University faculties that are 13 faculties in addition to a technical institute. The University uses modern methods of education, e-learning and distance education in order to prepare a creative generation that is distinguished educationally and cognitively with remarkable skills for competition in labor market.

The University is characterized by many new programs based on interdisciplinary sciences offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as other programs for international students whom the University is honored to receive on an annual basis.

The University believes in the significance of cultural exchange with Arab and foreign universities, Nile Valley countries and bodies specialized in science and technology transfer; therefore, the University signed many scientific and cultural agreements to know about the latest findings of science in advanced countries.

Furthermore, Tanta University has an active role in social participation, particularly in the surrounding environment, as it is located in the middle of Delta governorates through organizing medical convoys, providing consultations and environmental services, holding many scientific and environmental conferences to explore the latest scientific advancements in different fields and methods of applying them, and finding practical solutions to environmental problems.

Moreover, University hospitals offer medical services to more than one hundred thousand patients annually from Delta governorates particularly after the inauguration of Tanta University International Educational Hospital that has been equipped with quality medical devices and instruments.

Last but not least, the University can fulfill its desired goals only with solidarity of efforts exerted by success partners including academic staff and employees who do their best to raise our University to the level of world ones.

Hopefully, Allah will protect our beloved Egypt.

Prof. Magdi Abdel Raouf Al-Gohari Sab'
 University President     
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