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Tanta University offers various academic disciplines in an effective appealing environment that enhances innovation. There are medical colleges such as Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing and the Nursing Technical Institute; colleges of basic sciences such as Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Computer and Information; colleges of education including Faculty of Education, Faculty of Physical Education and Faculty of Specific Education; as well as colleges of administrative and human sciences including Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Law.

Students at Tanta University enjoy exchange programs in different specializations in addition to summer training programs. All students have access to the IT Club, the Center of Fine Arts and the Science Club.

Moreover, all students can receive medical care through Studentsí Health Care Medical Administration of Tanta University that includes 22 clinics of different specialties.

However, life at Tanta University has many other aspects. Students can practice many activities. Sports Activity Department offers students opportunities to do a lot of individual and team sports with an elite group of specialized coaches. There are many pitches and courts such as the Olympic football pitch, track for athletes, hole for long jump, throwing circle for shot put and another one for discus throw, volleyball courts, a basketball court and tennis courts.


The University seeks to be distinctive locally, regionally and internationally as well as being pioneer in fields of education, scientific research, community service and environmental development.


Tanta University is keen on creating an effective academic environment through continuous development of academic programs in various specializations, in the light of the needs of development plans and meeting studentsí needs of knowledge and skills in the framework of social values and traditions, in addition to offering learning opportunities and professional development for graduates in various sectors in order to keep up with progress and realize the aspirations of labor market. Moreover, the University is committed to providing fundamentals of creativity in different areas of serious methodical scientific research so as to develop science, knowledge and sustainable development as well as solving community problems.


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