Following up and Assessing performance of Special Units


  • To supervise the preparation of special unitsí plans.
  • To participate in timed programs of special unitsí plans and to follow up their achievements.
  • To coordinate among special units in order to prevent repetition of duties and to save capabilities and energy.
  • To supervise the determination of the economic and accounting standards acording to which special unitsí performance will be assessed.
  • To organize participation of special units in local and national campaigns related to community service and environmental development.
  • To supervise the issuance of guidebooks. These guidebooks state the functions of special units and advertise them to make the society aware of their capabilities.
  • To supervise the assessment of registers and documentary cycles, which are necessary to accomplish work in special units and organize accountancy in the light of bylaws that regulate work.
  • To utilize performance evaluation reports to develop work performance in special units.
  • To supervise the creation of work systems which develop employeesí performance in the Department
  • To supervise the preparation of fliers and periodical reports which explain capabilities and achievements of special units
  • To participate in setting up a system to assess and supervise work in special units.
  • To supervise performance reports at special units to present them to a specialist.