Planning and development of the environment


  • To supervise drawing up plans and environmental development programs.
  • To supervise work coordination with University faculties to determine facultiesí role of participation in implementing research projects to serve the environment.
  • To conduct analytical studies necessary to define pivots of applicable research projects plans, which the University makes to contribute in environmental development.
  • To follow up implementation of ultimate plans to develop the environment industrially, agriculturally, humanitarianly and socially.
  • To supervise designing executive programs to achieve University plans in the field of environmental projects and environmental different disciplines.
  • To supervise studies that determine main pivots of economic and social development plans in Middle Delta and whole society.
  • To coordinate communication with local authorities to define University role in environmental development in the fields of promoting industrial and agricultural production, commercial and services activities as well as advancement of human resources in governmental organizations affiliated to the public and private sectors, in the light of ratified plans in this respect.
  • To participate in and supervise feasibility studies of some available projects in this sector so that these projects can be implemented.
  • To supervise keeping periodicals issued by national and international scientific centers in this regard, in order to ensure utilizing them.
  • To participate in researches submitted by the University in conferences and symposiums.