Registration for the Skill Tests

■ Steps to register for the dates of the skill tests via the online coordination site:

1. Log into the coordination site via and then click on the registration page and register the skill tests by following the following steps:
2. Your data (the seating number and name of the student) appear. You have to make sure that the data on the site are correct
3. A list with the types of the skill tests and the where these tests are conducted appear on the screen
4. Select the skill test. A date for the test is determined
5. After finishing the registration, print the receipt of the type, date and place of the test
6. You have to abide by performing the skill tests at the faculty which is located inside the geographical scope (A). It is not allowed to perform the tests outside that scope
7. The concerned faculties hold the determined tests and insert the results of all the approved students
8. Names and data of students who passed the tests are sent to the coordination office
9. Tests are held at the determined faculties and students who could not pass the tests are not allowed to retake the tests at the same faculty or at any other faculty
10. These tests are not the only prerequisite; the total score and the number of the approved students at each faculty are considered

■ Conditions of applying to the tests:

• All students from secondary schools and technical institutes are allowed to apply to the qualifying tests of Faculty of Applied Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture and Arts Departments, - the Technological Faculties. It is to be according to the determined specializations. 75% is the required minimum percentage.
• Secondary school students (three-year-system) are allowed to apply to the qualifying tests for the technological faculties only. 70% is the minimum percentage.
• Nomination to the technological schools requires passing the skill tests. Priority is given to the higher number of marks. The approved number of students at each faculty according to the decree issued by the SCU, is considered.
• The student has to be Egyptian and fresh graduated from secondary school
• Only the abovementioned specializations are approved.

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