Certificate-Editing Department
Terms of Reference of the Department

The department was established as a part of the organizational structure of Tanta University in 1972. It is responsible for the following:
1. Printing carton certificates
2. Reviewing ministerial decrees and lists of the scientific degree before granting it
3. After granting, the decrees are received from Alumni Affairs Department to issue the original electronic certificate
4. After being edited, the certificate is reviewed by a tripartite committee before being ratified by Faculty Dean and University President
5. A joint committee is held to determine the accurate number of certificates and send them to the Egyptian Assay Office
6. The department, in cooperation with the Purchasing Department, submits the certificates to the Egyptian Assay Office
7. The department, in cooperation with the Warehouse Department, brings the certificates from the Egyptian Assay Office and pays the fees
8. A tripartite committee is formed to count and sort the certificates
9. The trustee issues claims for the cost of the certificates to the faculties and delivers each faculty its certificates
10. The department releases exception and replacement of lost certificates
11. The department releases memorandums of changing or correcting the name
12. The department participates in the control works as one of the committees of Education and Student Affairs Sector