Registration, Study and Exams Department
A Statement of the Work Plan of the Department

1. Following-up the skill tests for affiliation to faculties of Physical Education, and Specific Education (Departments of Art Education and Music Education) for Egyptian students who got the secondary certificate in the same year
2. Following-up the work of online coordination office at Tanta University to register students’ choices
3. Extracting a certificate of equivalence for students who got the secondary certificate form Al-Azhar and want to affiliate to faculties of Arts, Business, and Law
4. Receiving the files from students who got the certificate of equivalence (Arabic – foreign) from the Main Coordination Office in Cairo and delivering them to the faculties
5. Reviewing the files of the nominated students who are accepted at the faculties of the university according to the online coordination system
6. Reviewing the data of students who are transferred to the higher classes at the different faculties of the university
7. Considering the petitions submitted by students who want to transfer their enrollment from one faculty to another one at the university
8. Reviewing the statements of mandates inside and outside university faculties
9. Reviewing the study plans of the two terms
Reviewing and accrediting the control and preparation committees of the exams in the light of University President’s decree No. 1782 issued in 1995 and its amendments
10. Reviewing the results of the final exams of the academic year
11. Reviewing the results of exams of unique programs
12. Reviewing the statements of the academic and scientific plans, exam and correction committees, and mandates of academic staff inside and outside the university
13. Reviewing and approving all the enrollment data from university faculties
14. Accomplishing all the works related to preparation for the following committees and councils:
• Education and Student Affairs Council
• The Higher Committee of General Supervision on Unique Programs
15. Accreditation of all the treatment of university students
16. Preparing and following-up medical examination conducted on students who are nominated to affiliate to university faculties
17. Preparing and following-up medical examination conducted on students with special needs to be accepted at faculties of Arts, Business and Law, registration system
18. Sending notifications to the faculties to provide the department with the numbers of students who are proposed to be accepted
19. Reviewing the seating numbers of all classes at the university faculties
20. Reviewing the exam schedules at all faculties and making sure that they match the internal bylaws of the faculties
21. Reviewing the files of new students who are nominated to affiliate to the university faculties
22. Accreditation of treatment for university students