Alumni Affairs Department
Alumni Affairs Department is one of the several departments affiliated to Education and Student Affairs Sector

Tasks of the department:

1. Reviewing and issuing the ministerial decrees related to university faculties and ratifying them by University President and Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

2. Making sure of the data of the licentiate and bachelor certificates and reviewing them as a preparation for ratification by Ministry of External Affairs
3. Reviewing the control rooms at faculties of Arts, Agriculture, Education, Specific Education, and Pharmacy
4. Preparing the memorandums of granting the scientific degrees for all university graduates and submitting them to the university council
5. Ratification of the graduation certificates for university graduates
6. Changing or correcting the names of graduates according to the memorandums from faculties or Certificate-Editing Department
7. Preparing statistics of graduates and submitting them to the competent authorities (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics)
8. Preparing a statement of top graduates at each faculty and sending it to the General Administration of Academic Staff Affairs
9. Reviewing the mandates and study plans of academic staff at faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dentistry to be approved by University President