Start of Medical Examination for New Students at Tanta University on Sunday, August 26

A Statistical Statement with the Number of Patients Who Were Treated upon the University Expense with Approval of the Supreme Medical Committee and the University Council in 7 Months )


Number of Cases

Total Cost

September 2018

140 cases

L.E 971859.37

October 2018

215 cases

L.E 8733632.57

November 2018

200 cases

L.E 1296480.51

December 2018

208 cases

L.E 887742.50

January 2019

234 cases

L.E 885194.57

February 2019

205 cases

L.E 1075006.46

March 2019

272 cases

L.E 1206151.66

April 2019

92 cases

L.E 291971 up till April 1, 2019 

Tanta University announced that it is ready to start medical examination for new students who are nominated by the main coordination office to join its faculties and Technical Institute for Nursing for the academic year 2018\2019 starting from Sunday, August 26, 2018. Medical examination is applied upon new students at Medical Affairs Administration at the Guest House at the Medical Campus in Sperbay from 8 am to 2 pm. It is important to receive the medical examination form from the faculty before the determined date of medical examination. Students who didn't get the form have to submit a personal photo and the nomination card when they go for medical examination. On his part, Prof. El Refaie Moubarak, Vice University President for Education and Student Affairs, confirmed on the importance of medical examination for students for their safety and in order to provide required healthcare. He also stressed on the importance of taking all procedures and preparations to receive new students and applying medical examination to them.

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