The rules of Modifying research topic

On March 19, 1988, Postgraduate Studies Council decided to prohibit any essential or inessential modification in titles of dissertations a year after registration regarding PhD and six months regarding masters degree. Faculty Council is allowed not to abide by the previously mentioned periods according to a recommendation from Council of the specialized Department.
Modifying the Title of the Dissertation: On January 31, 2012 University Council approved reduction of the period determined for discussing the scientific dissertation to two weeks in case of modifying title of the dissertation (inessential modification) or apology of a non main supervisor. In case of adding a supervisor or changing the main supervisor, the period will be three months at least from date of approval from University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research. .
Reasons for Adding a Supervisor from outside the University: On July 31, 2012, University Council approved the following cases for adding a supervisor from outside the University: .
o If the researcher conducts an external research, a specialist from the body where the student conducts the research can participate in supervision according to article (98) of Universities Organization Law.
o If a student conducts a research in interrelated (interconnected) sciences and there is not a specialist at the faculty, a specialist from outside the faculty or the University can participate in supervision.
o If some research capabilities are not available (such as samples, technologies and devices) for conducting some parts of research plan, a supervisor from outside the University can be asked for help to provide these capabilities.
o If a student works as a researcher or specialist in a research body, institution or agency and the students research plan has an impact on activities of that body (such as an impact on solving problems, development of a service or industry), a member of staff at that body can take part in supervision provided that he or she has the PhD degree and practices scientific research.