Teaching assistants and assistant teachers

Delegation rules for external conferences

The honoring should be from an international scientific body and documented by the supporting documents.
A scientific achievement that was implemented inside Egypt and won an international award.

Approval of the department council and the faculty council or the Dean of the faculty on behalf of the faculty council on the nomination of travel abroad with the submission of documents proving the honor.
A contribution of 5,000 pounds (five thousand pounds) is made for the Demonstrator or assistant lecturer to travel to the foreign country, in which he will be honored, and the contribution is granted only once during the duration of the assistant staff.
There should be a research published in one of the conferences mentioning the name of Tanta University through a letter addressed to the Ministry by the Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, provided that this letter and the travel request be with a date prior to travel with a sufficient period to attend the conference and not after travel. .

Procedures and Documents of Delegation

The same procedures and documents for scholarships in force for faculty members. In addition, the case of participation in an acceptable research (addressing the General Administration of Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education in Cairo, in order to take the prescribed contribution procedures).

Financial Support categories

Fourteen thousand pounds to distant countries: The Far East - Japan - Korea - China - America - South Africa.
Ten thousand pounds for European and Asian countries (except for the Far East) and African countries (except for South Africa).