Vision & Mission


Innovation and leadership in the production and investment of knowledge and to have a competitive advantage to achieve sustainable development


Tanta University is committed to activating a sustainable development strategy by improving the educational environment, creating knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market in all sectors and keeping pace with global developments in the field of competitive applied research to serve community issues.

sector goals

The Post Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Sector at Tanta University seeks to develop the scientific research system in accordance with international standards of quality and excellence to meet the needs of society within a framework of ethical standards, solve its problems and achieve its future aspirations in accordance with the strategic objectives of the university as follows:
1. Develop an effective plan to attract more international students.
2. Increasing the cooperation protocols with relevant regional and international institutions.
3. Increasing the financial support for scientific research.
4. Promoting scientific publishing in international journals in various fields.
5. Improving the university's classification locally, regionally and internationally.