University Council for Postgraduate Studies and Research
The member of Post Graduate and Scientific Research Council



Prof. Magdy Mahmoud Wakook

Dean of Physical Education faculty

Prof. Yasser Ahmed Al-Jarf

Dean of Commerce faculty

Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim

Dean of Applied Arts faculty

Prof. Mona Abdel Hamid Al-Aasar

Dean of Pharmacy faculty

Prof. Yasser Abdel Fattah Al-Samdouni

Vice Dean of Engineering faculty

Prof. El-Sayed Mohammed Mazroo

Vice Dean of Specific Education faculty

Prof. Sahar Mahmoud Al-Khader

Vice Dean of Nursing faculty

Prof. Muhammad Sayed Hantira

Vice Dean of Medicine faculty

Prof. Ramzi Rashad Abdul Rahman Al-Sheikh

Vice Dean of Law faculty

Prof. Abeer Abdel Hamid Alam El Din

Vice Dean of Science faculty

Prof. Ali Muhammad Al-Sheikh

Vice Dean of Dentistry faculty

Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Rajai Al-Rifai

Vice Dean of Education faculty

Prof. Asaad Abdul Qader Darbala

Vice Dean of Agriculture faculty

Prof. Abdul Razek Bassiouni Al-Koumy

Vice Dean of Arts faculty

Prof. Mahmoud Abdul Salam Shakal

Director of International Relations Department

Eng. Hassan Muhammad Al-Baili

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the South Delta of Electricity Company

Prof. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ghunaimi

Director of the Regional Research Station for the Central Delta at El- Gemmayzeh

Mr. Muhammad Rabie Hamza

Director of Postgraduate Studies

Mr. Ihab Abdeen

Director of Cultural relations

Mr. Ahmed Fathy Rasllan

Director of the Office of the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies