Study leave rules
1- Implementation and extension procedures
2- The rules of differentiation
3- Short vacations for training abroad

1- Execution and extension procedures

Study leaves

They are grants received from foreign countries for the purpose of sending students to these countries to obtain a master's degree or a doctorate degree or to collect the necessary scientific material for the thesis. They are divided into: a) grants provided to the state, b) personal grants. When they are received by the university, the concerned faculty is notified of them to nominate those who meet the conditions

Required documents

1- The decision of grant the study leave indicating its type, duration, start date and purpose.
2- Completed and approved data form.
3- The result of the medical examination from the General Medical Commission.
4- security approval
5- An approval of the university for registration for PhD in the country and its date.
6- Military Situation
The member must go to the General Administration of Missions in Cairo with a guarantor from home to fulfill the necessary financial commitments and electricity or a telephone bill to the guarantor.

Procedures for implementing the study leave

Applying to department to obtain a study leave for a year, with or without pay, and the approval of the department and faculty councils on the study leave. Provide the General Department of Cultural Relations with the submitted application along with the documents required to obtain the study leave and the approval of the department and faculty. Submitting a memorandum to the President of the University for approval. Informing the General Administration of Scholarships in Cairo and the Faculty with approval. .