The Required Document

The application submitted by the faculty member and the approval of the department and the faculty
The work contract is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A statement from the faculty showing previous vacations.
An approved report by the department and the faculty not to be associated with teaching/examination/control work.
An approved statement by the department and the faculty that his secondment does not entail the assignment of faculty members from outside
Complete the electronic data form


Approval of the competent authority of the university on the secondment and informing the faculty of the initial approval.
Complete the forms in the Pensions Department and receive the approval letter addressed to the faculty.
Payment of educational service fund dues in accordance with the decision of the University Council.
In the case of internal secondment to a university, the agreed percentages are supplied as follows:
Five thousand Egyptian pounds in exchange for assignment for one semester.
Ten thousand Egyptian pounds for full assignment for an academic year.
Three thousand Egyptian pounds for secondment for two days a week.
One thousand five hundred Egyptian pounds for secondment for one day a week.
A letter from the faculty with a release attached and specifying the starting date of the secondment.
A secondment decision from the competent authority of the university.

Renewal the secondment

The same documents and previous steps, taking into account that the faculty member pays the financial dues to the university upon renewal (Social solidarity - health care - due pensions - faculty members club - educational service).