Missions étrangères

1-Rules for foreign missions
A scholarship to have a doctoral degree in a specialization from outside the country for four years starting from the date of travel. It may be extended according to each case after the approval of both the foreign supervisor and the cultural advisor, provided that the approval is submitted to the department council and the Faculty and university councils

Conditions to be met by the applicant

The applicant must be a demonstrator or a research assistant holding a master’s degree or an assistant lecturer or assistant research in one of the entities listed in the mission plan.
The age of the applicant for the mission should not exceed 30 years on the date of applying for the advertisement in implementation of Article (11) of the mission Law No. 112 of 1959, and the Executive Committee may, after taking the opinion of the sending authority, waive the age requirement for considerations related to the public interest.
If the applicant is registered for a doctorate, the registration period shall not exceed one year on the date of the announcement. The applicant must have a master's degree in the specialization of the mission.
The overall grade for the first university degree should be very good at least.
The applicant must have performed military service or been exempted.
The applicant should not have previously a mission or scholarship offered to the state for the purpose of obtaining a doctorate. Approving data forms from the sending authority.
The applicant must be at work on the date of the announcement.

2-Required documents and travel procedures

Required documents

1. 1- An accredited certificate of first university degree and general assessment in English. 2- Certificate of grades for subjects in years of study and general grades for each academic year separately, in English. 3- Master's degree or equivalent in English. 4- A statement of the date of registration for a master's or doctoral degree. 5- Military service. 6- ID copy 7- Language level certificate (the validity of the certificate is two years from the date of the exam). 8- ICDL 9- A disclosure that he has never received a scholarship or a doctoral scholarship from the state. 10- The detailed and specific study plan for the doctorate in English. 11- Initial approval from a supervisor or supervisors in two different countries on the research plan - taking into account the scientific level of the supervisor and the academic ranking of the university, and the Scientific Committee has the right to compare between them. 12- Approval of the employer for these scholarships (Dean of the faculty or his counterpart). 13- Approved data forms in Arabic and English. 14- Names and means of contact with three different professors who can be referred to in need. 15- Holders of Al-Azhar certificates must submit a certificate stating that the study in the preparatory and secondary education stage was four years for each stage. Travel procedures 1- A reservation from a foreign university to obtain a doctorate in the specialty. 2- Meeting Language requirements. 3- The approval of the department council, the faculty council, or the dean of the faculty authorizing travel 4- The approval of the security 5- The approval of the President of the University .

Extend the mission

The external scholarship may be extended after the fourth year after submitting to the University Council, and the extension will be for a salary until the end of the sixth year, and the extension after the sixth year is without salary, according to the decision of the Executive Committee for Scholarships on 11/12/1984. The Supreme Council of Universities decided on 4/8/1983 and approved by the Executive Committee for Scholarships in the session 27/8/1983 that in the case of extension after the fourth year, it shall be presented to the University Council.

mission termination cases

(According to the articles of Law No. 112 of 1959 regarding the organization of scholarships and study leaves)
1. The member did not complete the mission within the prescribed period - Article 23.
2. He married a foreigner - Article 25.
3. Changing the type or method of the mission - Article 27.
4. The member left his place of study - Article 29.
5. The envoy did not return within a month of discussing the thesis - Article 30.
3- The rights of the envoy.
4- Short missions to conduct research or training.
Short missions for research or training (3-6 months)
1- The applicant should be a demonstrator, research assistant, assistant Lecturer, or assistant researcher in one of the entities listed in the scholarship plan, and be registered for a master’s or doctoral degree, for no more than two years from the date of the announcement.
2- The general grade for the first university degree should be very good at least.
3- The applicant not have previously a scholarship or grant presented to the state for the purpose of obtaining a doctorate, and in case of that he applied for a mission and did not decide to accept it at the time of announcing the mission, he will be dispatched on the scholarship when he accepts it, and his candidacy for the mission will be cancelled.
4- data forms from the sending authority (stamped by the faculty and university)