Professeurs invités

Visiting Professor

Foreign visiting professors who are in the Arab Republic of Egypt are hosted by parties other than Tanta University, and they are invited to give a lecture at one of the faculties for one day. The concerned faculty afford an amount of 200 pounds.

Foreign visiting professors who are specially invited to Tanta University
Terms and financial transaction
The academic tittle of the foreign visitor is Professor or Assistant Professor.
The duration of the visit to give lectures does not exceed two weeks.
The concerned faculty afford: the return air ticket in economy class and an amount of 500 pounds per day to cover the costs of accommodation and subsistence, taking into account that this amount is spent on the days in which lectures are given only.
It is permissible to seek the help of qualified foreign assistant professors as visiting professors for a temporary period.

Recruitment procedures

Approval of the relevant department council in the faculty to bring in a foreign professor from a specific country in a specific specialty to give lectures or exchange experiences in various research and scientific fields for a specific period.
The approval of the faculty Council or Dean of the faculty on behalf of the faculty Council to recruit the professor and address the General Administration for Cultural Relations, accompanied by his CV and the number of 4 security survey forms approved and sealed by the faculty and the visit program.
Addressing the General Department of Security at the Ministry of Education to seek the opinion of security on the presence of the visiting professor or not.
The approval of Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and President of the University, to the presence of the visiting professor.
Informing the concerned faculty of the approval of the University President, to recruit the visiting professor, with or without expenses, in accordance with the approval of the faculty and the rules regulating that.