Missions scientifiques

Documents required to carry out the personal scientific mission

Application for a scientific mission (two years maximum).
Invitation letter containing the duration and purpose of the scientific mission.
A report from the faculty showing previous vacations, secondment, and academic assignments.
A report showing that there are no teaching burdens during the scientific mission.
Writing the name of Tanta University on the published research.
Department and college approval.
visa .
The approval of the General Directorate of Survey and Information (Security).
The delegation procedures are the same as the secondment procedures, and a work permit is not issued.

Documents required to carry out the scientific mission at the expense of the missions

The approval of the department, the university and the faculty to travel.
The medical examination and a certified copy of the Military position
Attending to the General Directorate of Missions accompanied by a guarantor to fulfill the required financial pledges and present the passport to be granted a letter of foreign affairs to obtain a visa
Security approval to travel
fulfillment of the language requirement
Attending the leadership preparation course as a condition for the implementation of the scientific mission

The rules for obtaining a scientific mission are that the scientific mission is for the purpose of conducting applied or academic scientific research.
The faculty member presents the research plan for which he will be delegated, so that it is within the framework of the research plan of the university and the faculty.
The university to which the delegate was sent should be one of the most prestigious universities with a distinguished scientific reputation in the field of specialization, based on the opinion of the faculty. .