University Campus


Tanta University Campus consists of more than one Campus in different locations.

First: Medical Campus :Locate in El-Geish St., Tanta, El-Gharbia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt   

Contents of the Medical Campus:


1.       Faculty of Medicine:

2.       Faculty of Dentistry

3.       Faculty of Pharmacy

4.       Faculty of Science

5.       Faculty of Nursing

6.       Technical Institute of Nursing

7.       University Hospitals

Other facilities

1.       Conference Center

2.       Development Projects Unit (Development Center)

3.       Tanta University Quality Assurance Centre (TQAC)

4.       Faculty and Leadership Development Centre (FLDC)       

5.       Central Library Building
               - Systems Development Unit
               - Central Library
               - Public Service Centre for Computer and Technology   

Second : Sibirbay Campus:located in Sibirbay , Tanta, El-Gharbia Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt   

Contents of the Campus:


1.       Faculty of Engineering (Workshops Building – the New Building)

2.       Faculty of Law (Administration Building- Auditoriums Building)

3.       Faculty of Agriculture (under construction)

4.       Faculty of Arts

5.       Faculty of Physical Education (Administrative Building -Playgrounds - Guesthouse - Faculty Stadium)

6.       Faculty of Computer and Information

Other Buildings:

1.       Central Auditoriums Building

2.       Hostel (Male/Female)

3.       University Stadium

4.       Sibirbay Campus Garage

5.       University Members Club

6.       University Teaching Staff Members Club

7.       Bakery

8.       Apiary

Third : External Faculties:   

1.       Faculty of Commerce: :  Located in Saied St. , Tanta.

2.       Faculty of Education : Located in El-Geish St. , Tanta .

3.       Faculty of Applied Arts : Located in Tanta – The Arab Republic Of Egypt

4.       Faculty of Specific Education : Located in Botros St., Tanta .

Other buildings

  Community services building and development environment  - Located in the old Faculty of Arts building - Osman Mohammed St., Tanta