Website Visitors' Code of Conduct


Website Visitors' Code of Conduct is some values, methods, and principles that the university abides by with the help of teams of Electronic Portal, MIS, E-Learning, and Information Network who offer services to website visitors via different means such as:
  • Websites of the university, faculties, units, centers, conferences in Arabic, English and French.
  • The mobile application of the university that presents different electronic services via smart phones.
  • E-mails, and social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Goals of this Code of Conduct

  1. To inform website visitors about their rights and duties towards the university.
  2. To inform website visitors about available means for submitting complaints or inquiries.
  3. Continuous development of means and methods used in serving website visitors so that the website can meet more visitors’ needs and can offer efficient services. .

Target Groups:

  • Undergraduate students.
  • Postgraduate students
  • Academic staff
  • Personnel
  • External community

Commitments or services offered to website visitors:

  1. Excellence in serving website: It is to seek to offer quality services to gain visitors’ satisfaction and go beyond their expectations. .
  2. To respond to website visitors’ needs quickly and professionally keeping confidentiality and accuracy of information.
  3. To provide work conditions that enhance teamwork and meet all needs of website visitors.
  4. To promote and increase opportunities for meeting website visitors’ needs.
  5. To refer website visitors to the competent employee to offer them the services they need satisfactorily.
  6. To respond quickly to oral requests and phone calls, and to decrease the number of procedures so that services can be provided quickly and easily.
  7. Saving time and dedication to work.
  8. A professional and cooperative team that answers all website visitors’ inquiries regularly.
  9. Adding valid documents and required steps to the information offered to website visitors.
  10. Offering services in times and by means suitable to needs of website visitors as much as possible.
  11. Keeping confidentiality of any problems that might occur during offering services by the team to website visitors.
  12. Following procedures based on remarks and suggestions of website visitors to improve the offered services.

What we expect from website visitors:

  • Assessment of the offered services.
  • Presenting suggestions and remarks to help us improve the services.

Dealing with complaints:

Credibility: It is to deal with website visitors with transparency, justice, and impartiality.
Responsibility: It is to receive complaints of website visitors and to deal with them professionally and instantly.
Efficiency: It is to respond to all problems without any delay and to exert the best efforts to solve them.
Positivity: It is to present innovative applied ideas to face the challenges and to deal with the complaints.