President’s Speech

Prof. Mahmoud Ahmed Zaki Mohamed

Tanta University is considered a great scientific edifice. It is one of the most prestigious Egyptian universities. In addition, it has a high stature among regional and world universities. Tanta University has made a breakthrough approaching its goals with the help of academic staff, personnel and students. The University always seeks to provide its students with education and experience, to disseminate knowledge, to enhance research and to encourage innovation and scientific excellence.

Moreover, the University aims to establish twinning with its counterparts of great world universities and academic research institutions in order to exchange experience and new findings in various specializations as well as enhancement of partnerships and cooperation with all community organizations.
The educational system at the University is highly innovative as it includes efficient professors, comprehensive educational environment, carefully prepared programs and academic plans, and curricula that connect theoretical studies to applied ones so as to qualify students for Egyptian and international labor market.
Tanta University is continuing its strenuous efforts to achieve the pioneering future vision of the state and to cope with the fourth industrial revolution and requirements of artificial intelligence according to a strategic plan drawn up by the University.
This plan primarily aims to graduate creative alumni who are aware of modern technologies, who have visions and concepts, and who can face challenges and lead Egypt in the future. Tanta University is where all creative people gather to learn, work and innovate.