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Development Strategy and Egypt’s Vision 2030

The university formulated the pivots of its strategic plan based on deep understanding of the sustainable development vision and strategy of the new republic as well as the current challenges encountered by the university and the surrounding community. Finally, 12 pivots of the strategic plan were formulated. These pivots are closely related to the pivots of Egypt’s vision 2030 taking into consideration the strategic goals ratified by the university early in 2021. The pivots focus on points of strength and excellence at the university namely human development, administrative and financial governance, digital transformation, smart systems and changing into institutionalism, enhancement of the presidential initiatives (such as Differently Capable, Decent Life, Literacy Project, 100 Million Healthy Lives), development of health services, 900 900 University Hospital project in El-Mahalla El-Kobra, supporting national belonging and awareness through disseminating the value of belonging to the institution whether it is a faculty, a university or a state, encouraging participation through discussing the challenges facing our institutions or our society and hampering sustainable development, and positive participation of citizens whether they are students, university employees, or others in facing our challenges under one slogan “We are all partners in this homeland”.

The University and Egypt’s Vision 2030

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