Electronic Platforms


Tanta University gives great interest to digital transformation in education. It has been one of the first Egyptian universities that established a smart campus based on a prospective vision that copes with international developments and proves readiness of the infrastructure for digitalization.

Hence, Tanta University created many e-platforms. In September 2021, the Online Payment Platform was launched to transform all financial transactions into electronic ones so that all university students, employees, and academic staff can pay for all services online instead of cash without having to go to the campus in person.

In October 2021, the Electronic Book Platform was created to upload the academic curricula so that students can access them after paying the tuition fees electronically.

Moreover, the first electronic platform of Special Accounts was launched in November 2021 in accordance with the financial inclusion initiative and Egypt’s vision 2030. In addition, a new platform was created for assessment of professional performance in November 2021. This platform is used to assess and follow up performance of managers and leaders at the university based on the model of Management by Objectives.