University Council

University Council

The University Council, headed by the University President, is formed through the membership of:

  • University Vice-Presidents.
  • Deans of the University Faculties and Institutes.
  • Four experienced members in the fields of Higher Education and public affairs. They are appointed for two renewable years upon a Presidential Decree after taking the University Council opinion. They are not allowed to have more than one membership in the councils of the universities subjected to the Universities Organization Law.
  • The University Secretary attends the Council sessions, participates in the discussions and holds the Council secretariat.

Prof. Mahmoud Ahmed Zaki Mohamed

President of Tanta University Chairman

Prof. Hatem Al Sayed Amin Mohammed

University Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research


Prof. Mohammed Hussain Mahmoud

University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs


Prof. Mahmoud Farouk Abd Elhalim Seleem

University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Member

Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Metwally Ghoneim

Dean of Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Helal

Dean of Faculty of Education


Prof. Yasser Ahmed Al-Sayyed Al-Garf

Dean of Faculty of Commerce


Prof. Mamdouh Nasef Al-Masri

Dean of Faculty of Arts


Prof. Mona Abdel-Hamid Mohamed El-Aasr

Acting Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy


Prof. Osama Ahmed Badr Dean of Faculty of Law


Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Nasr

Dean of Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Asad Abdel Kader Derbalah Acting Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Member

Prof. Hany Saeed Abdul Munem

Dean of Faculty of Physical Education


Prof. Ranya Abdo EL Emam

Dean of Faculty of Specific Education Member

Prof.Faten Ahmed Seddiq Abu Taleb

Dean of Faculty of Dentistry


Prof. Abeer Abdelhameed Alameldin

Dean of Faculty of Science


Prof. Afaf Basl

Dean of Faculty of Nursing


Prof.Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim

Acting Dean of Faculty of Applied Arts


Prof. Nancy Abbas Al-Hefnawy

Acting Dean of Faculty of Computer and Information


Prof. Fouad Harras

former Tanta University President


Mr. Ahmed Rashad Shalabi

Secretary General of the University

Council Secretary

MG Minister/ Tarek Rashed Rahmy

Gharbia Governor


The political writer/ Ahmed Al-Muslimani

Head of Cairo Center for Strategic Studies


Responsibilities of University Council

According to stipulations of Universities Act No. 49 of 1972 amended by Act No. 54 of1973, University Council has the following responsibilities :

  • Issues of Planning, Coordination, Organization and following up

    o To formulate and coordinate a general policy of education and research at the University, to organize it, and to set up a plan for providing enough capabilities for achieving University aims.
    o To establish general bylaw of lessons, lectures, research, practical training, and deputizing for them.
    o To organize students’ acceptance at the University and to determine students’ number.
    o To organize affairs of scholarships and different academic rewards.
    o To organize cultural, sport and social student affairs.
    o To organize affairs of student services at the University.
    o To organize financial and administrative affairs at the University.
    o To issue financial and administrative technical bylaws of special units at the University after consultation with Ministry of Finance in matters related to financial and administrative aspects.
    o To issue bylaws of cafeterias, libraries and other university facilities.
    o To prepare general policy applied for books and booklets at the University and to organize them.
    o To determine and create specializations of Professor’s degree.
    o To draw up a plan to complete and establish buildings, to support labs, and to furnish libraries at the University.
    o To discuss University President’s reports, annual reports of Faculties, branches of the University, recommendations of scientific conferences, and to assess University systems, revise them and renew them in the framework of educational progress, demands of community, and its needs.
    o To follow up implementation of the general plan of education, scientific research and University constructions.
    o To prepare projects of the general budget and planning budgets and to ratify balance sheet of the University.

  • Operational Issues
    o To appoint teaching staff at the University and to transfer them.
    o To determine dates for start of study and to increase mid-year holiday.
    o To grant degrees, scientific certificates, diplomas and honorary degrees.
    o To gain funds for the University, to invest and to manage them.
    o To accept donations which do not contradict with the original purpose of the University.
    o To authorize University President to take legal actions.
    o To consider topics sent by Minister of Higher Education and Chairman of the Supreme Council of Universities.
    o To give opinion regarding all matters of education with all its levels and kinds.
    o To undertake other matters according to law.

  • Functional Committees Affiliated to University Council:
  • University Council forms these functional committees from teaching staff members and specialists in order to consider matters within the scope of their duties and to present suggestions about them.

  • Committee of Labs and Scientific Devices
  • o To find out a fixed rate of a student’s consumption at practical faculties regarding consumable materials, objects made of glass, and sustainable devices of common use.
    o To design long term program for supporting labs, devices and tools in order to raise the level of study at faculties.
    o To create a system for providing devices and materials needed annually. This system has to be finished enough time before the start of preparing the draft budget.
    o To devise an inventory system of all materials and devices stored in warehouses and to follow up monthly consumption of them and to develop a system that ensures cooperation among warehouses of different faculties.
    o To identify materials and devices that can be obtained from local market and those purchased from abroad, so that the necessary procedures can be taken to obtain them in a timely manner.
    o To list the devices used in each faculty, to determine if they are serviceable and to create a system to complete and renew and organize benefiting from them.
    o To devise a system for using serviceable devices by various department of faculties.
    o To organize maintenance and fixing scientific devices.
    o To prepare annual draft budget of labs and to distribute their funds to faculties of the University.

  • Committee of University Libraries
  • o To introduce a policy for providing University library and libraries of faculties with necessary books, references and periodicals and to coordinate benefiting from them.
    o To suggest a bylaw for organizing work at University library and libraries of faculties.
    o To submit an annual report on work of the committee and its suggestions.

  • Committee of University Constructions
  • o To consider suggestions presented by faculties regarding new constructions or changing the existing ones, to coordinate them and to prepare their implementation programs.
    o To survey modern specifications of the university constructions, to offer recommendations and to apply them to new or existing university constructions.
    o To seek to formulate maintenance policy of University constructions and labs and to make needed restoration.

  • Faculty Council Secretariat Affairs
  • o To receive issues to be submitted to Faculty Council, to prepare agendas, to send invitations and to carry out duties related to the Council secretariat.
    o To prepare the memorandums to be presented to Faculty Council which are not among responsibilities of other units.
    o To follow up implementation of decisions made by Faculty Council and by the Supreme Council of Universities concerning matters related to the faculty.
    o To receive and categorize decisions made by different councils and committees as well as laws, bylaws, publications, decrees and proposals related to work at the faculty, and to carry out orders given by presidency about them.
    o To follow up secretarial work of councils of faculty departments.
    o To take measures of paying bonuses of outside members of Faculty Council and its committees.
    o To prepare periodic and annual reports on activity of Faculty Council and its committees.
    o To undertake tasks of incoming and outgoing mail, keeping records, archival functions copying and printing in addition to distributing these tasks.
    Duties of Council Secretariat are undertaken by Mr. Samir Abdel Hak Zakaria, Manager of University Council Secretariat Administration.