Content Policy

Content Regulations:

  • The content published on the website must be written in a good and organized way.
  • The content must be correct with no linguistic or spelling mistakes.
  • The content must be in line with systems of websites and systems of the state.
  • No content breaching others’ privacy is allowed.
  • The content must not be contradictory to religion or the policies adopted by the university or by the state.
  • There must be a title at the beginning of each webpage to refer to its content.
  • Subheadings must be added to the main titles. They must be different in design, font size, or font color.
  • Titles must be obvious and must express the content in brief.
  • Content of the website must be updated periodically including news, contact information, phone numbers, e-mails, subjects, etc.
  • Applying publication rights and intellectual property rights.

Photo Regulations:

  • Photos must be of a good quality that is suitable to the website.
  • Size of photos must be adjusted according to the required one.
  • Photos must refer to the content.
  • Property rights must be taken into consideration when adding photos and videos.