Restructuring administrative and financial systems of the centers, units and special accounts – based on Management by Objectives (MBO) models and financial inclusion mechanisms – is one of the most significant requirements of sustainable development and improvement of institutional performance applied since November 30, 2021 when I assumed presidency of the university coping with the policy adopted by the state for development of the administrative models and supporting the models that lead to success of the institutions in implementation of the presidential initiatives of digital transformation and financial inclusion. I started to choose a team of experts and specialists including academic staff, employees, legislators, and former university presidents to formulate the best administrative model according to the strategic objectives of the university and Egypt’s sustainable development plan 2030 launched by H.E. President\ Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic.

Executive Procedures for Applying the Model

Management by Objectives Model at Tanta University

Tanta University has applied Management by Objectives model since January 2021. This model is one of the effective administrative strategies that help to use available resources, to achieve the best performance rates and to identify the factors hampering the desired goals to deal with them in the future.