Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, “Establishment of a Modern Solar Power Station to Produce Electric Energy at Tanta Faculty of Science”

Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Tanta University President, announced that a modern solar power station has been established at Faculty of Science at Tanta University to produce electric energy in the context of the interest given by the university to renewable energy research, spreading the technology of solar panels, and enhancement of Egypt’s sustainable development vision 2030.

    Furthermore, Prof. Mahmoud Zaki added that the university is keen on benefiting from clean and renewable sources of energy that protect the environment and use energy optimally to keep the next generations’ rights.

     For his part, Prof. Tarek Mustafa, Dean of Faculty of Science, highlighted the significance of applying the outcomes of scientific research in sustainable development that is considered the basis of a better life. He declared that the solar power station of the Faculty produces electricity using solar panels and that its production is sufficient for all sectors of the Faculty; the station is functioning at the rate of 20 kWh.