Webometrics Ranking

  1. Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is the largest system to rank world universities; it deals with more than 20000 higher education institutions and publishes the rankings of 16000 of them. It is issued in Spain by the Higher Council for Scientific Research. The goal of the ranking is to improve the existence of higher education and research institutions on the internet and to promote open access to judged articles. It is a half annual ranking issued in January and July every year. It measures the performance of universities depending on their websites according to the following indicators: Size of the website: It means the size of the website pages under the domain of the university. (20%)

  2. Rich files: They are the document files and text information captured by the search engine. The number of various files in the website of the university are counted. (15%)

  3. Google Scholar: This is about the scientific production published in Google Scholar. It includes judged papers, reports, theses and abstracts in different scientific topics in addition to photos, films, maps, etc. that are published on the website of the university. (15%)
  4. Visibility: It means the hyperlinks that lead the visitor to the website of the university in search engines. (50%)