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President's Word

Prof. Mahmoud Ahmed Zaki Mohamed

Tanta University is considered a great scientific edifice. It is one of the most prestigious Egyptian universities. In addition, it has a high stature among regional and world universities. Tanta University has made a breakthrough approaching its goals with the help of academic staff, personnel and students. The University always seeks to provide its students with education and experience, to disseminate knowledge, to enhance research and to encourage innovation and scientific excellence.

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Scientists from Tanta University

He is a Professor at Zoology Department at Faculty of Science, Tanta University. He gained the State Appreciation Award in Basic Sciences in 2018. President Abdel Fattah Al- Sisi granted him The Medal of Science and Arts of the First Class

Prof. Mohammed Labib Raghib Salem

He is a Professor at Mechanical Power Engineering Department at Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University. He gained Scientific Research Excellence Award at the level of the Arab world in 2018.

Prof. Abdel Nabi Al Bayoumi Al Metwally Qabil

Prof. Diaa' Addin Abdel Sattar Ali

He is an Assistant Professor at Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Department at Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University. He gained the State Incentive Award in Engineering in 2018.